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Ricoh Truck Rental Services

Looking to Rent a Moving Truck? Ricoh Truck Rentals blends the convenience of full service moving with the value of a rental truck. You load...
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Professional Moving Services

Ricoh Truck Rentals was established to create a simple and easy way to obtain information for moving companies and relocatio...
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Self Service Moving Services

Self service moving is a cost effective alternative to get your household goods moved without renting and driving a moving truck on your own...
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Vehicle Moving

A car is a very big responsibility just for owning and driving. You have to pay for plates and insurance. On the road you must exercise a good amount of ...
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How Does Using A Self Storage Unit Affect Your Moving?

Planning how you are going to unpack everything when you move is one of the most important things you do as you are moving. Unfortunately, you may not have the space in your new home to accommodate all of your belongings. You can’t just leave everything outside, but not everything will fit inside your home either, so you may find yourself in quite a jam. There is an inexpensive and easy solution to this, and that is renting a self storage unit. Storage units are used for a variety of reasons, and renting them for extra space when moving is just one of those purposes.

There are many reasons that someone would want to use a storage unit when moving. Let’s say you have a lot of items that you have in your old home’s attic and your new home does not have an attic or any other area big enough to store these items. An inexpensive storage unit is perfect for this reason. It allows you to store those items as you need until you have room or you find another place for the items, and at a low rate. Another reason that someone would want to rent a storage unit is for certain items that cannot be left outside. For instance, if you have a motorcycle, or motorized equipment that you are not able to store outside your new home, then having a safe place for these items is going to be your number one priority. Storage units are capable of holding these larger items as well, and it keeps them safe for you until you are ready to collect the equipment.

So how about storage rates? Many moving and storage companies offer low rates for storage. The payments that you can pay are very flexible in terms of price, and you can even pay up front for a certain length of time if you know exactly how long you are going to be using the storage unit. The rates themselves are dictated by the companies, and can be per day, per week, or even per month. Choosing the best rate will depend on how long you are in need of storage. If you only need 2 weeks then you will not want to pay for an entire month, and if you need storage for 3 months, then you don’t want to get charged by the day.

So now that you know a little more about using storage units and the rates, you may be interested in using one during your move. Look up storage companies in your area to see what services are offered and for how much. Planning this aspect of your move can help you out before you are stuck with items you have no room for.